Eternal Toil. Ephemeral Harvest

So here it begins. Full throttle.


And I am at a loss of words.






Musical Monotheism

I was making my weekly train journey from Bhubaneswar (place where I live) to Bhadrak (place where I am posted). I boarded the 7 am Puri-Howrah Shatabdi. Train journeys have always proven to be preferred places for three of my most favourite activities- reading, listening to music and admiring the country side.
As it happens, Indian Railways have proven to be the sine quo non for our national integrity as much as our music. One cannot really fail to marvel at the pivotal role Indian Railways played in our Freedom Movement, uniting a well-read erudite like Bhagat Singh with the brave heart of Bhavra, Chandrasekhar Azad ! I can go on and on about how fond I am of Indian Railways.
Cut to the point where I decide to get out of the metal-box A/C compartment to stand at the entrance gate of the bogie. I can stand there for hours and hours at stretch! I can leave my hair open(precisely because I hate tieing my hair ), I can talk to the wind, I can stand there and close my eyes and D.R.E.A.M, I can stare & wonder at the marvels of the hinterland that belongs to the never ending enigma called India, I can stand there and listen to music LOUDLY and endlessly!
That’s when I decided to indulge in some music for a solid stretch of time and decided to skim through every song that I had collected recently. This was the moment when it struck me- that the music in my iPhone is actually quite a reflection of the music in my soul that has been piercing my psyche like anything.
By the time I crossed Korai(happens to be the birth place of Abdaal Sir and a pleasantly inspiring indicator that I am indeed quite close to where he is;) ), I had listened to the exuberantly cheesy Bollywood number from the movie Fanaa- “Des Rangila” for quite a number of times on the loop. I love Bollywood for its cliches because in a world where everyone is trying to be cool/ hot in some respect or the other it’s the cliches that end up sticking to the reality that matters.

The words of the song that said

“Dhani pagdi pehne mausam hai neeli chadar taane ambar hai”
This , while I was crossing the Kathajodi tributary of Mahanadi ..
And the repeatations of..

“Des Rangila Rangila ..Des Mera Rangila”
That, and the occasionally reverberating Vande Mataram while you cross Jajpur Road where you come across children selling tea on the station platform.
With every word in the song and every bit of hackneyed and cliched my-nation-my-pride kind of emotions that one can think of , I couldn’t stop marvelling at the sheer beauty of the passion with which every inch of this country has been painted!
There is another song from SRK’s movie Swades, the title track “yeh jo des hai tera” , that was next on my list. For quite a long time this song has literally terrorised me! Civil Services,has always been at the back of my mind for many years but after I graduated I had literally shut that corner of my mind thinking that I am not good enough. I was overpowered by fear and felt that I am not good enough for a challenging profession like that. It was during those days that Swades would be repeatedly aired on TV and I would simply shut it down because this song would terrorise me,jolt me up like a powerful reminder and a small clear voice in my head would scream ,”Hey LOSER! Get up and LIVE! Start chasing the REAL STUFF!”
Of course today, with my CSE application down, my grandfathers tricolour in my pockets and a daily staring contest with fear, this song is like my morning cup of coffee- quite literally. Today I can’t imagine waking up without this song.

“Mitti ki hai jo khushbu,tu kaise bhulaega….
Ye wo bandhan hai jo kabhi toot nhi sakta”
Moving on, I kept on shuffling through my entire collection in iTunes and apart from a couple of Rafi and Richard Marx songs, the entire collection had multiple variations of Vande Mataram, Jana Gana Mana and Mera Rang De Basanti Chola(Sonu Nigam’s version being an absolute favourite). Variations of Vande Mataram starting from guitar to piano, jana gana mana sung by school kids in Amsterdam to numerous Bollywood hits like Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyara hai & Des Mere, I thought no one could have a better collection than that.
It was then that I realised, my iTunes is a reflection of everything that’s important to me today. It is in essence my soul safely embedded in iOS interface.
At this point I had to take out my pocket diary to note down a few of those windy thoughts..

Neeche zameen hai, upar asmaan hai..
Kuch Faisla-e-junoon hai mera , kuch Mera muqaddar hai..